The way in which it’s reported, you’d assume that susceptibility to COVID-19 severity is equally distributed internationally’s inhabitants. However if you examine case and mortality charges between nations, variations emerge. There are even variations inside nations and states and cities. It’s clear that different variables apart from easy publicity to the virus and an infection are at play. Analysis continues to emerge concerning danger components for extreme COVID-19.

What are they?

And, extra importantly, are you able to modify any of the variables?

Does Blood Sort Predict COVID-19 Severity?

Early on, researchers observed an obvious affiliation between blood sort and coronavirus an infection. These with A or B-type blood had been extra prone to be constructive; these with sort O had been much less prone to carry the virus.

Though the connection between blood sort and an infection danger has continued, subsequent research have failed to seek out any affiliation between an infection severity and blood sort.

Verdict: Doesn’t seem to use given present proof. Nevertheless, resistance to an infection does confer a form of safety towards COVID-19 severity. In case you’re not contaminated, you may’t develop any in any respect, not to mention extreme signs.

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Does Intercourse Decide Coronavirus Survival?

A meta-analysis of 12 research carried out in June 2020 discovered that males had a 31% greater danger of progressing to extreme an infection than females. All 12 research analyzed had comparable outcomes; there was little or no heterogeneity.

Is that this prompted by intercourse, although? In spite of everything, from what I might inform, the meta-analysis failed to manage for different variables that may have differed between the teams, like metabolic syndrome or weight problems. And but intercourse does play a task, even when a danger issue like weight problems is accounted for. Different analysis confirms that chubby males are at higher danger for coronavirus severity than chubby girls, for instance, and we all know from earlier analysis that women and men have several types of immune responses to viruses and vaccines.

There could also be a hormonal element to it, too. Estrogen remedy, for women and men, reveals promise as a technique to quiet irritation (the supply of coronavirus-related lung bother) and enhance survival charges.

Verdict: Intercourse issues. Males are at higher danger.

Selenium Standing and COVID-19

Early on, I observed that selenium standing performs a giant position in susceptibility to quite a lot of completely different viruses, together with the flu, the unique SARS, and lots of others. The viruses sequester selenium and put it to use to duplicate and to weaken the host. Lots of the unique locations the place COVID-19 took maintain had abysmal ranges of soil selenium; this interprets to decrease ranges of selenium within the meals grown within the soil and the next danger of population-wide selenium deficiency.

Certainly, selenium standing has now been implicated in COVID-19 severity. A current examine of COVID-19 sufferers measured the selenium statuses of those that survived and those that died. The surviving sufferers had a lot greater selenium ranges.

Verdict: Possible. This hasn’t been confirmed to be causal, nevertheless it’s definitely trending in that course. It will probably’t damage to eat a pair Brazil nuts day by day.

Can Satisfactory Vitamin D Enhance Coronavirus Outcomes?

The earliest coronavirus sizzling spots had been really colder, cloudier spots with low UV-indexes. Wuhan, China, had a ton of cloud cowl in January and at all times has a number of air air pollution which additional blocks the UV mild. Lombardy, Italy, additionally had air pollution issues and UV index too low to supply a lot vitamin D. And now, research are lastly popping out lending credence to the concept vitamin D protects towards extreme an infection.

In Iran, COVID-19 sufferers with vitamin D ranges above 30 ng/ml had a decrease danger of extreme an infection and demise.

In England, COVID-19 sufferers with greater vitamin D ranges had a decrease danger of hospitalization.

It’s not simply vitamin D, after all. Vitamin D is extra doubtless a marker of solar publicity, which confers a mess of different immune and well being advantages. One such profit with recognized hyperlinks to COVID-19 is nitric oxide. One other is normalization of the circadian rhythm. So don’t assume mega-dosing vitamin D dietary supplements will shield you from COVID-19 as a lot as getting pure daylight will. Most of those folks in all probability weren’t supplementing (and even fascinated about) vitamin D in any respect. They went into the an infection with the degrees that they had.

Verdict: Goal for 30 ng/mL and above. Get loads of daylight.

Does Weight problems Make You Extra Inclined?

Weight problems is a gigantic complicating variable. It’s not simply because overweight individuals are extra prone to be unhealthy in different methods, though that’s in all probability a part of it. It’s as a result of obesity itself is unhealthy. Physique fats secretes extra inflammatory compounds and promotes an elevated baseline of irritation. The coronavirus damages your physique partly by up-regulating these inflammatory compounds. In case you’re beginning with elevated irritation, you’re making the virus’ job that a lot simpler.

Certain sufficient, weight problems is linked to COVID-19 severity. Extra importantly, weight problems is an impartial predictor of COVID-19 severity. You may management for different variables like hypertension, diabetes, and coronary heart illness, and the connection persists. Excessive weight problems (BMI of 45+) is even worse, with some analysis suggesting it quadruples the chance of extreme COVID-19.

Verdict: Weight problems will increase COVID-19 severity.

COVID-19, Diabetes, and Excessive Blood Sugar

One current examine of 1200 People with COVID-19 discovered that these with diabetes or elevated blood sugar had a 29% mortality danger; these with out diabetes or excessive blood sugar had only a 6% mortality danger. Amongst Chinese language sufferers in one other examine, the mortality danger was 7.8% in these with diabetes and a couple of.7% in these with out diabetes.

Not solely that, however diabetes and elevated blood sugar will increase the chance of an infection as effectively, so it’s a two-for.

Verdict: Diabetes and excessive blood sugar improve the chance of extreme COVID-19.

Hypertension as a Threat Issue

Hypertension typically rides together with weight problems and diabetes, so that you’d assume it is likely to be arduous to disentangle it. However they’ve regarded into this, and pre-existing hypertension might improve the chance of extreme COVID-19 or demise by 2.5-fold.

Nevertheless, these hypertension sufferers taking ACE inhibitors had a decrease danger of severity or demise than these hypertension sufferers who weren’t being handled. All will not be misplaced.

Verdict: Hypertension will increase the chance of extreme COVID-19 outcomes, however ACE inhibitors mitigate this impact.

Earlier Coronavirus Publicity

There are dozens of coronaviruses on the market. The widespread chilly stems from a sort of coronavirus. The unique SARS was a coronavirus, as was MERS. Animals carry coronaviruses (even our pets). And our immune programs are always reacting to them — even when we don’t get contaminated by a random coronavirus, our immune system is taking notes on and studying from it.

Maybe that’s why T-cell immunity towards different coronaviruses, like SARS, numerous animal coronaviruses, and maybe even the widespread chilly may fit on COVID-19. This cross-immunity is long-lasting, too; though SARS hit 17 years in the past, most of the topics within the examine nonetheless had T-cell immunity towards it. In one other examine, between 20-50% of unexposed folks confirmed t-cell exercise towards COVID-19.

Verdict: Though the small print are being labored out (which coronaviruses confer a point of immunity?) and I wouldn’t depend on this, earlier coronavirus publicity appears to cut back severity.

Potential Connection to Omega-Three and Omega-6 Consumption

That is speculative, however I’m assured that will probably be borne out by the proof.

Eicosanoids are inflammatory precursors—they mediate how we reply to immune insults, together with inflammatory cytokines and ache responses. Eicosanoids come from the omega-3:omega=6 stability of our tissues. If we now have a extra omega-6-heavy tissue make-up, we could have extra inflammatory eicosanoids. If we now have extra omega-3-heavy tissue, we could have extra anti-inflammatory eicosanoids. It’s conceivable and possible that eicosanoid composition will decide COVID-19 response—and severity.

Each dietary omega-3s and omega-6s have been proven to strongly affect tissue ranges of omega-Three and omega-6 and thus inflammatory/anti-inflammatory eicosanoid stability. My guess is that seed oil-eating folks with elevated tissue omega-6s are at a higher danger for extreme COVID-19 than folks with extra balanced omega-6:omega-Three tissue ranges.

Verdict: We’ll see.

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Fermented Cabbage Consumption

A lot of the nations with low COVID-19 mortality charges have a protracted custom of consuming fermented cabbage. There’s South Korea with kimchi and the Balkans and Central Europe with sauerkraut. And in a current examine, researchers discovered that fermented cabbage consumption predicted low COVID-19 mortality.

That is very preliminary and much from conclusive, nevertheless it is smart. Fermented cabbage accommodates compounds that inhibit a significant receptor web site by which the virus does a lot of its injury.

Verdict: Potential. Can’t damage. Right here’s an easy sauerkraut recipe if you wish to cowl your bases.

There are undoubtedly different components that matter. Primary nutrient consumption, the entire vary of necessary nutritional vitamins and minerals we at all times talk about, yet-undiscovered genetic variants, macronutrient ratios, metabolic flexibility, intestine well being—all of the issues we all know to have an effect on different points of our well being will in all probability play a task right here, too.

However accounting for the components I mentioned at this time definitely received’t damage and so they may assist.

Thanks for studying, everybody. Take care!


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