The Primal Blueprint is all about maximizing the effectivity of coaching to cut back the time spent working and enhance the time spent taking part in. If I can determine the minimum effective dose and get 80% of the advantages in 20% of the time, I’m all for that. It leaves me additional time to spend with my family members, play outdoor, go for hikes, or buckle down and get some work carried out. Particularly if I don’t minimize any corners or shortchange myself. Because of this I really like microworkouts, the place as a substitute of spending hours within the health club I simply do actions and workouts all through the day—have “train snacks”—and accrue a big coaching load with out feeling like I spent all day within the health club.

However microworkouts aren’t the one path to make train extra environment friendly, or no less than really feel that means. There’s additionally one thing known as relaxation pause coaching, or myo rep coaching.


What’s Myo Rep or Relaxation Pause Coaching?

The way in which most individuals raise weights, they’ll raise a reasonably heavy weight for 5-12 reps, relaxation for a pair minutes, and do one other set. They repeat this a number of extra occasions. However whenever you raise this fashion, the one really laborious reps are the previous couple of of every set. These final 4-5 reps the place you begin feeling the burn, the place the load begins to maneuver slowly. These reps are the place essentially the most muscle pressure is happening and the place all of the muscle fibers are really engaged. It’s the place the variations happen. These are the “efficient reps.”

What in the event you might lengthen that pressure and that engagement and pack extra “efficient reps” into your exercises?

A method is to simply do excessive quantity units—to simply raise lots of weight over and again and again. This isn’t a viable means for most individuals. It takes too lengthy, it’s too laborious, and it requires an excessive amount of self-discipline and drive. It’s a must to actually love coaching to do high-volume, high-intensity lifting. And if that describes you, you’re most likely already doing one thing comparable.

One other means is to do myo reps.

Myo reps concentrate on extending full muscle fiber engagement by beginning with an “overload set” and following up with mini-sets, taking little or no relaxation in between so your muscle tissue keep totally engaged and you’ll squeeze simpler reps into your exercise. Right here’s the way it appears:

Select a moderate-light weight.

A average to gentle weight is good since you need to accrue sufficient quantity to actually begin activating and fascinating the muscle fibers. Excessive weight, low reps are nice too, however they don’t are inclined to set off the “burn” like increased reps do and as such aren’t as appropriate for myo rep coaching.

Do 10-20 reps, stopping at failure or 1-2 reps in need of failure.

The final 4-5 reps ought to really feel laborious. They need to burn. That is your overload set or “activation set,” the place you hit the purpose of full muscle fiber activation and engagement.

Relaxation for 5-7 breaths.

Take regular breaths. This needs to be a 10-15 second relaxation or so.

Do 3-5 reps.

All these reps will really feel laborious, otherwise you’ll “really feel them.” Once more, nearly to failure.

Relaxation for 5-7 breaths.

Fast relaxation.

Do the identical variety of reps you simply did within the earlier mini-set.

Should you did 5 reps, do 5 reps once more. Should you did 4, do 4. 3, do 3.

Full three extra “mini-sets” with the identical variety of reps and relaxation durations in the event you can.

Should you do one much less rep throughout a set, cease. That’s it. Finish the set.

You’ll be sore. You’ll be burning. Your muscle tissue can be pumped. You could be shaking. These are good issues. These point out that you’ve got actually hit your muscle tissue laborious.

Some examples of the way it may look:

15/4/4/4/3 — As soon as the rep depend drops by 1 and you’ll solely do 3, you cease.

16/3/3/3/3/3 — When you hit 5 mini-sets, cease.

20/5/5/4 — As soon as the mini-set rep depend drops, cease.

However these are simply examples. You should utilize any rep scheme so long as you persist with the fundamentals:

  • 10-20 reps (to close failure) for the overload set
  • 5-7 breath relaxation
  • 3-5 reps
  • Repeat Four occasions, or cease when your reps drop by 1

It’s easy and fast however not simple. These are laborious — however they’re over quick.

Progress by including reps. Should you’ve been hitting 3-rep mini-sets, progress towards Four and 5-rep mini-sets.

Progress by including weight. Should you’ve been hitting 20 rep opening units, enhance the load and go from there.

The true great thing about that is that you simply don’t get systemic fatigue. This isn’t excessive depth interval coaching or sprinting or Crossfit-style metabolic conditioning coaching the place your complete physique is exhausted. Your coronary heart fee will go up, however the primary a part of you that fatigues is the muscle itself. That’s the place the variations come from and it’s why you may maintain pushing by means of the ache: the ache is localized.

If you wish to incorporate some of these units, I’d actually suggest utilizing them as microworkouts all through the day. Every myo rep set is a person microworkout. How I’ve been utilizing them as microworkouts:

10:00 am, push-up myo rep set (20/5/5/5/5/5)

12:00 midday, trap-bar deadlift myo rep set (12/3/3/3/3/3)

2:00 pm, pull-up myo rep set (10/3/3/3/3/3)

3:00 pm, dumbell reverse lunge myo rep set (20/5/5/5/5/5)

Every microworkout takes about 5 minutes, if that. And I’m actually feeling each, after which I’m carried out. I don’t get injured, I get a pleasant sturdy stimulus bundle despatched to my muscle tissue, and I’ve loads of time to do the issues I really like doing all through the day. Win win.

After all, it’s also possible to simply do a standard exercise utilizing myo rep units.

Anyway, you probably have any expertise with this sort of rest-pause or myo-rep set coaching, I’d love to listen to about it.

Do you assume you’ll attempt it your self?


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